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Plastic Belt

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The Model PSB with modular plastic belting uses a positive drive system to eliminate belt slippage and mistracking.

Model PSB Features:

  • Bed UHMW on aluminum slider bars mounted to frame spacers. Mounted in 7-1/2 in. x 12 ga. powder painted. Formed steel channel frame bolted together with butt couplings.
  • Belt Plastic modular belt
  • Belt Widths 12",18",24"
  • Motor 1/2 HP standard - 2 HP max.
  • Supports Adjustable Floor Supports Available
  • Capacity 300 lbs. (distributed live load)
  • Features Belt Scraper - mounted inside conveyor bed section to clean underside of return belt. Portable Base Support - adjustable from 4" to 30".