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Magnetic Conveyor

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  • Width: 2” to 24”
  • Length (Standard): 18” to 144”
  • Length (Extended): 13' to 23'
  • Profile: 1.89” high
  • Drive Pulley: 1.31” Diameter
  • Load Carrying Capacity: Up to 450 lbs.*
  • Speed Range: Up to 225 fpm*

For magnetized conveyors, this versatile low profile unit is a great solution. With custom placed magnets, and high tensile strengths, this unit can pull your ferrous products with ease.

Our Low Profile Magnet Conveyors Include:

  • Low profile design provides tight product transfers and the ability for our magnetic conveyors to fit into space-constrained areas
  • Ceramic magnets are custom positioned within the conveyor framework to achieve an optimum magnetic field and smooth product movement for your application
  • Single piece 10-gauge stainless steel framework is laser cut and formed to create a single-body frame construction, ensuring frame integrity on all magnetic belt conveyor systems
  • Tight tolerance belting and our unique snap-out sealed tail assembly provide for a quick belt change (less than 5 minutes) that is normally achieved without having to remove the drive packages or side rails
  • High tensile strength belts offer superior strength-to-weight ratio and are available in over 50 various types
  • All components of our conveyors are produced on state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
  • 10 year manufactuer's warranty