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ARB Palletizing Infeed Systems

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Ideal For:

  • Handling a variety of product sizes (as small as 4 in. x 4 in. [100 mm x 100 mm] with no maximum) and types (cases, tray packs, 2-liter shells, litho-packs, bundles, pouches, polybags, shrink-wrapped packages)
  • High-speed palletizing to meet higher throughput rates (225 packages per minute / 10 layers per minute)
  • Low-speed palletizing to double the throughput of a robot cell within a small area (25–50 packages per minute / 5–6 layers per minute)
  • Creating complex pallet layers or rows of mixed package types and sizes
  • Eliminating product damage

For an all around great solution, the ARB Palletizing Infeed System is able to provide a great amount of flexibility, as it can handle pallet layers with many different types of products. It is also able to product high throughput rates, all while being low maintenance, automatic, and with a small footprint. It will accurately arrange a variety of packages into layered pallet configurations for easy pallet formation.


ARB Palletizing Infeed System Features:

  • Create accurate pallet patterns, consistently and reliably
  • Will accommodate changing package materials, sizes, and layer patterns with simple controls software modifications only
  • Handle products gently, without grippers or bumpers
  • Increase worker safety
  • Have only one drive and few actuators