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Multiple Entry Spiral

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With multiple entry and exit points, the Multiple Entry Spiral is a great conveying option that makes the most out of your production line. Bring your production line to a multi-tiered level, and operate efficiently with traffic controls for each access point. This machine can work with either direction as well, so loads can enter or exit the spiral either up or down the spiral conveyor.


Multiple Entry Spiral Features:

Modular Design

  • The Ryson modular design makes our spirals easy to configure and customize. All our spirals are made to order and are available in four basic configurations as it relates to the position of the in and outfeed tangents as shown, (A, B, C and D) The angle of the tangents can also be customized to meet specific layout requirements (B-MA for example) All configurations can operate up or down and in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.


Custom Configurations

The position of the infeed tangent on up spirals and the outfeed tangent on down spirals can be customized to meet specific lay-out requirements. This is possible for all standard configurations.

  • C-EX configuration matches the centerline of the top and bottom conveyor centerlines. Centerline offsets can also be accommodated.
  • B-MA is an example of modified in or outfeed angle. The modified angle is normally 45 or 30 degrees, but other angles can be provided.
  • A-EX show extended in or outfeed tangents which can be straight or curved and can accommodate centerline off-sets.