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Canada Post Contract Awarded to Norpak Handling
August 1, 2000

Gavin Linn, Vice President Sales and Marketing, and Robert Rennie, Regional Sales Representative of Norpak Handling Limited announced the signing of a multi-machine/multi-year contract with Canada Post Corporation for the supply and installation of high speed sorting machines. The total order value of this contract will be dependent upon the actual number of machines purchased and their final installation location. The first machine of the series is to be installed in Toronto later this year. The machines purchased by Canada Post are capable of sorting envelopes and small parcels at rates of 200 pieces per hour. Higher rates are possible with the addition of extra infeed systems. The machines rely heavily on advanced electronic scanning and tracking technology. Built in diagnostic equipment and modems will allow servicing of the control system from off site locations. Mechanically, the machine has built in redundancies and is designed to be maintenance friendly.

Norpak’s success is the result of an international marketing effort. The initial machine will be designed and manufactured by CML of Italy. Sorting application experience and technical input is being provided by Sandvik Sorting Systems of the United States. Norpak will undertake project management and fabrication of sub-assemblies as well as providing labour for installation and commissioning. On each subsequent machine, more manufacturing will be transferred to Norpak allowing increased Canadian content.