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E24 Vs. Power Rollers
September 5, 2008

What are the benefits of the E24 versus the motorized roller?
The E24 has now made the 24 volt powered roller conveyor system affordable, quiet, safe, easy to maintain, and most of all, reliable. What are the benefits of the E24 versus the motorized roller?

 E24 Vs. Power Rollers
The E24 System  Motorized Roller
Only 3 moving parts = longer life expectancy Many small parts = more opportunity for failure
External motor = one motor for all conveyor widths Every width requires a different roller = more motors to stock
No gears = very quiet, one motor for all speeds, one motor to stock  Different gearing needed for different speeds = more rollers to stock
External motor in aluminum housing bolted to side channel = excellent heat dissipation = longer motor life  Motor inside roller tube = small moving parts, poor heat dissipation
External motor = no routing wires through small holes eliminating possible damage during installation  Wiring must be routed through motor shaft and through side channel = possible damage during installation
Motor bolted to side channel = higher torque = strong, simple mounting = fewer drives needed  Motor torque must be adsorbed by a small hex axle = complicated installation, special tools
125,000 hours of life expectancy = over 14 year at 24/7 operation  20,000 hours of life expectancy = 2-1/4 years at 24/7 operation

To view video of the new E24 and see more information, CLICK HERE