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Value of Quick Ship Solutions
September 1, 2007

The Hytrol Stockyard has been shipping quality conveyors in 24 hours for over forty years. As all of you know, the sales cycle isn't over after receiving a purchase order.

Another valuable selling feature of the Hytrol Stockyard is their crating procedure. No matter how fast the conveyor ships, if it doesn't get there in good condition everyone receives a black eye. Damaged product affects all of us negatively.

 Value of Quick Ship Solutions

On all LTL shipments we provide a durable 1" x 4" completely enclosed crating for all of our powered units. Since LTL shipments are uaually transferred to more than one truck before reaching its final destination, a crate has to be provided that can withstand multiple handling, and stacking.
Also, all powered units under 11' oal have the belt attached and tracked, so all the end user has to do is attach the supports. We make installation time as short as possible so the customer can use the conveyor quickly.

According to the Stockyard's primary LTL freight carrier, the way our conveyors are crated helped the Stockyard achieve a 99.7% success rate in delivering conveyor to your customers without any damage in 2006 and a 99.8% success rate in 2007!
The Stockyard will not only ship you a quality product quick, but will also make sure your customers are DELIVERED a quality product quick!
You may download our Quick Ship Solutions brochure in pdf format by clicking here