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Canadian Hytrol Distributor Training
August 1, 2007

A number of Norpak employees attended the Hytrol International Conveyor Sales School and the Pallet Handling Seminar in Toronto, Ontario. Typically these schools are held in Jonesboro, Arkansas at the Hytrol facility but for the first time ever they held these sessions in Canada for their Canadian Distributors. It was a great success and a terrific turnout.

The purpose of Distributor training with Hytrol is to seek and train persons affiliated with the Hytrol distributor network for the purpose of enhancing their ability to use, recommend, engineer or sell Hytrol conveyor more efficiently.


Gavin Linn, Rob Rennie and Terry Bone attended the International Sales School

Hytrol Training

Kevin Bates, Lydia Moyer, Melissa Parrinder, Jonathan Agnew, John Simpson and Alain Bosse attended the International Pallet Handling Seminar

Hytrol Training

John Simpson and Melissa Parrinder brought home the award for "Creative Solutions"