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Welcome To The 24 Volt Revolution
October 1, 2007

In the world of 24 volt material handling equipment there is a need for higher reliability and flexibility. Hytrol’s E24™ concept is designed from the ground up to be the best 24 VDC conveyor drive technology in existence. With its robust motor and spool-driven rollers, the E24™ provides Efficiency, Ergonomic design, and Energy savings. These three features - along with many more - are the reason that Hytrol is leading the revolution of 24 volt technology.

 Welcome To The 24 Volt Revolution

Applications:E24™ offers such versatility in configuration that it is ideal for numerous applications, including:

  • Packaging Lines    
  • Assembly Lines
  • Food Processing
  • Postal And Document
  • Handling
  • Pharmaceutical Order Picking
  • Linking Automation Cells
  • Machine Feeding
  • Manifesting Stations
  • In-Motion Weighing
  • Turntables
  • Lift Tables
  • Gates

E24™ Meets EZLogic®

What happens when the revolution in 24 volt technology meets the world's most advanced zero-pressure accumulation system? Hytrol proudly introduces E24EZ, the 24 VDC Live Roller Conveyor. It features the same EZLogic® familiarity customers have come to trust, while boasting ease of installation, operation, and dependability. This unstoppable combination lends itself to greater throughput and numerous configuration possibilities. E24's control card interfaces directly with EZLogic® for accumulation. EZLogic® 's easy configurability and dynamic zone allocation, coupled with E24's flexibility and reliability, make the E24EZ a valuable part of any conveying system.