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What Do Buyers Want?
March 1, 2007

Speed, safety,'s conveyor buyers want it all. And if they act fast, they're likely to get it.% rating as important to very important.

Reliability  97%
Functionality 95%
Purchase Price  90%
ROI 89%
Safety Features  84%
Availability  82%
Operating Cost  82%
Speed  82%
Noise Level  81%

When buyers were asked in a recent survey whether they were looking for speed, reliability, safety features or quiet operation, their answer was, in a word, yes. It's safe to assume that this isn't a population that's been agonizing over the tradeoffs between, say, speed and noise levels; the DC Velocity readers who answered the survey, which was conducted online last fall, have simply decided they want it all.

Not only do they want it all, but they also want it at a low price. When asked to rank various conveyor selection criteria, the survey respondents put purchase price and return on investments (ROI) near the top of the list, behind only reliability and functionality. (See chart above)

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