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Distributor Internship
October 1, 2006

Darren Linn, (Norpak Handling Ltd., Port Hope, Ontario, Canada) completes distributor Internship at Hytrol. Darren spent 6 weeks down in Jonesboro, AR at Hytrol Conveyors facility learning the in and outs of Hytrol.

 Distributor Internship

Hytrol's distributor intern training is an accelerated training program designed to train individual distributor representatives through a cooperative effort between the distributor and Hytrol through an extended period.

The purpose of the program is to provide training for the distributor on an individual basis. A key ingredient of the program is to provide additional tools to the distributor in order to more quickly have on staff an individual who understands Hytrol's methods and processes, and who will be "conveyor sales productive" in a shorter period of time.

We would like to congratulate Darren for a job well done!