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Aluminum Portable Folding Belt Conveyor

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The Model R, besides being extremely convenient (it can be folded in half), is also extremely versatile. For example, its conveying uses include: truck, loft or freight car, floor-to-floor, stairway, as well as its use as a portable booster with a wheel or roller conveyor. It is also suitable for bag handling, bag and carton stacking, and moving cartons, cases, and boxes.

Model R Features:

  • Bed 18 in. wide x .080 aluminum, 6061-T6 heat treated, reinforced.
  • Belt 12 in. wide Black Trackmate 120 Roughtop with PVC cover. Clipper lacing.
  • Belt Speed Constant 65 FPM.
  • Overall Conveyor Lengths 10', 11 1/2', 13', 15', 17', 19', & 21'
  • Motor 1 HP maximum
  • Capacity 300 lbs. total distributed load, 150 lbs. unit load at 65FPM
  • Reversible Yes
  • Features Switch - Reversing drum with power cord and plug