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Formed Slider Bed - Medium Duty

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A very versatile conveyor, the Model TA can be used in many types of material handling situations such as assembly line operations, sorting, packing, and inspection. Conveyor sets up quickly and easily to save on installation time.


Model TA Features:

  • 9 Bed Widths
  • Reversible (with center drive)
  • Smooth, Slim Bed
  • Adjustable MS-Type Floor Supports Available


Model TA Specifications:

  • Bed - 9-1/2" deep x 12 ga. formed steel frame powder painted
  • Rollers - 2-1/2" dia. tapered to 1-11/16" dia. x 16 ga. and 1.9" dia. x 16 ga. galvanized rollers
  • Overall Frame Widths: 18", 24", 30"
  • Available in 90°